Business Law

Your Business Partner

At Plager Schack LLP®, we specialize in handling the complex legal issues in the world of business. Our attorneys have extensive experience in almost every facet of industry from the formation of business to governance to exit strategy.

We understand that you, as proprietor and valued client, are as unique as your business, and so we mirror your specific needs and goals in all our legal counsel. Plager Schack LLP® works hard to provide the kind of expert guidance in commercial law that you need to be successful, and we build long-lasting relationships based on in-depth understanding and mutual trust. 

Our firm has studied, extensively, the commercial laws that regulate corporate contracts, hiring practices, and the manufacture and sales of consumer goods. Our attorneys are able to provide your business with a well-rounded legal perspective of all your commercial assets, as well as provide you with the assurances that your business is protected through its contracts and best practices.

Whether you need to incorporate your business, set up a partnership or limited liability company, or need a review or creation of corporate contracts, Plager Schack LLP® acts as your business partner in all things. We can help you seek to purchase or sell a business, provide expert legal assistance if you find yourself involved in business litigation, or mediate a business dispute if you find yourself in need of an advocate.  

No matter what your unique legal scenario, Plager Schack LLP® will ensure that you will never do it alone. Call our office at (714) 698-0601 to schedule your legal consultation.