Trade Secrets

Protecting proprietary information

Trade secrets are the proprietary pieces of information that make your business stand out. Maybe it is a way of improving on existing services. Maybe it is a secret food or drink formula that only your RD Team can duplicate. Whatever the case may be, as a business you need to have safeguards in place to protect this precious information, and the right legal professionals to enforce them.

At Plager Schack LLP®, we can help. We are a business law firm dedicated to establishing and enforcing company regulations and agreements against the revelation of sensitive information. Our approach to every situation is always personal, and our attorneys bring impressive legal skills to any unique scenario, no matter what the arena: 

Non-disclosure agreements

By drafting a clear non-disclosure agreement, your company can protect your intellectual property and keep your edge over your competition. Non-disclosure agreements – both mutual and unilateral – specifically outline, in writing, the duties and privileges of all the parties involved. Non-disclosure agreements are an essential element of protection when working with outside consultants, or communicating sensitive information with other companies. They can also enforce monetary damages, in a court of law, from those who violate the terms of that agreement.

Employment Agreements

Employment agreements can often contain complex wording and individual pitfalls that tip the balance of power away from the employee. They can contain provisos that require you to give back part of your wages or intellectual property if you leave the company, or may have some other unfavorable scenario hidden but for extreme scrutiny. That is why having an experienced attorney to check every line and page of your employee agreement, before you sign, is an essential part of the employment process. Never agree to anything you do not understand, and always have someone there who will fight for your rights and safeguard the life you have worked so hard to build.   


For almost any industry – technology, biotech, financial services, manufacturing – the protection of trade secrets is always the number one priority. With the creation of innovative products and services, and the unfortunate decline of employee loyalty, companies face the daunting task of trying to keep their livelihood out of the public spotlight until it is most profitable. To accomplish this, they rely on experienced attorneys (such as those from Plager Schack LLP®) to protect their interests with preventative measures like non-disclosure, non-competition, non-solicitation agreements, and acquire compensatory damages in a court of law in the case of breach of contract.

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