Real Estate

Legal expertise in all facets of real estate law 

Plager Schack LLP® is your best source for legal expertise in all facets of real estate law.  Our attorneys are experts in the complexities of real estate transactions and will represent your best interests – no matter the scenario.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, looking to acquire new commercial property for business use, or wish to close a land deal the right way, our firm can supply the necessary experience and correct management you need in almost any field of real estate.

Landlords & Tenants

We have over 20 years representing both sides of this issue. Whether you are a landlord—commercial or residential—or the tenant, Plager Schack LLP® is uniquely qualified to provide you with guidance in a variety of landlord-tenant issues.

Purchases & Sales

When buying or selling real estate, most transactions close with a minimum of problems and are handled by real estate agents and brokers. However, sometimes there are those unique or troublesome transactions where legal counsel is needed. In those times, you want legal counsel with experience and knowledge on purchase and sale issues. Our office can provide that protection and service.

Licenses & Duties

Real estate brokers and agents are held to a set of guidelines that vary from state to state. If you are licensed or looking to become licensed and have an issue, you want an experienced counsel who has worked with and knows the regulators and regulations. That is where Plager Schack LLP® can help.


Whether it is major commercial financing of a transaction or a simple home loan, sometimes you need assistance with your lender. Plager Schack LLP® can provide the experience and know-how to help you understand your rights under the law.

Title Insurance

Have you a problem involving the title to your property? Has someone questioned your ownership or the boundary of your land? This may be covered by title insurance, but you need someone proficient in reading your policy and processing your claim. Plager Schack LLP® provides such a service.

Land Sales & Timeshares

Registration and Compliance­­—as former Senior Vice President and General Counsel of National Recreational Properties, Inc., Michael Schack worked extensively in the field of Interstate Land Sales and registration of subdivided land. This experience and knowledge, combined with the relationships and networking Michael Schack has developed, will serve any developer or would-be subdivider well in getting your project off the ground and sales moving.

Homeowner’s Associations

In a dispute with your Homeowner’s Association? Need help confronting that homeowner who just cannot obey the rules? Let Plager Schack LLP® take on the battle for you. Having represented both homeowners and associations, Plager Schack LLP® has a balanced approach to conflict resolution concerning the sensitive subject of HOA disputes.


Thinking of conducting an auction? Do you know what is required? Plager Schack LLP® knows. Michael Schack served as Senior Vice-President and General Counsel for and He knows the ins and outs of an auction. For guidance as a potential auction provider or consumer, contact Plager Schack LLP®.


When all other avenues have been exhausted, sometimes a lawsuit is your only option. If that happens, you want a law firm that is ready, willing, and able to fight for you. With Plager Schack LLP®, each case is different and each case gets the personalized attention you deserve. Let us be your litigation partner and protect what is rightfully yours.